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Sydney GIF Booth FAQs

How does a GIF Booth work?

We have a mounted ipad, and model-type ring light that produces complimentary lighting. The Sydney GIF Booth attendant will simply ask if you would like a photo or a GIF (boomerang) and facilitate either to be taken, then text (or emailed) this to your phone allowing you to save or upload it to social media. The GIF/photo frame will also have a digital watermark of your logo or event name (we work with you to produce this).

What do I get with Sydney GIF Booth hire?

It really depends on your event needs and the package that you select - pricing PDFs are available on each event page: Corporate / Wedding / Social.

What is the cost of using SydneyGIFBooth?

Our 4 hour packages include setup, staffing/running the booth, packdown and all aspects of software creation/distribution. Our prices range from Corporate at $1,250 to Social (birthday, engagement party etc.) at $950.

You claim to be the best GIF / photo booth hire in Sydney. What’s different?

If you visit our page you will see that we have worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia. With a background in events and marketing we understand what you want from a GIF Booth or photo booth, and our software and customer service mean that you will never consider older style photobooth hire again.

How much time do you need to set up the GIF photo booth?

We can work in with your bump in/out parameters. And depending on the use of media walls for corporate events, we can typically have the photo booth fully operational within 30-45 minutes.

Are you available in other cities?

Yes, we have Sydney GIF Booth, Melbourne GIF Booth and Brisbane GIF Booth

How does a GIF Booth differ from the older style photo booth?

Firstly, we are digital. In the 90’s it was cool to put photoboth strips on the fridge or your wall. Now we put pictures and experiences (GIFs) on our social media wall (facebook, instagram etc.). We are a social media booth that offers not only photos but also moving GIFs (boomerangs). Our GIF Booth is fun to use and even more fun to share and tag.

I searched ‘photo booth hire Sydney’ – But isnt this a GIF Booth?

We offer photos as an option as well. Often people set out to hire a photobooth in Sydney and end up booking Sydney GIF Booth once they discover what we can do.

If I want to hire a GIF booth in Sydney, do I need to be IT savvy?

No, we do all the back-end aspects of the software and ensure that you and your guests can simply arrive at the booth and get your photo or GIF taken, before easily saving it or uploading it to social media.

What is the simplest way to describe the difference between hiring a GIF Booth and a photo booth?

A photobooth will produce a strip of photos.
A GIF booth, allows photos or GIFs (boomerangs) that are then saved or uploaded from the recipients phone to social media.

What are the major selling points of hiring Sydney GIF Booth from a corporate perspective?

We create a digital frame including your logo and event (if desirable). This will be a watermark (or frame) over the images and GIFs – people will be marketing your brand logo/event on their social media wall. We also provide the images and GIFs to you after the event for you to use as marketing collateral. We can provide the emails and phone numbers of the participants to you for remarketing purposes.

What age group is best suited to using a GIF Booth?

Okay, it’s true; some very young and very old people don’t understand how to upload things to social media. In fact, they don’t have social media. But in all honesty, making boomerangs is fun. And people as young as 5 or as old at 85 love the interactive creation of what is often a fun/funny GIF.

What is the difference between a GIF GIF booth and a GIFFY booth?

These are just platforms or businesses cashing in on the popularity of the GIF. A GIF is simple a series of photos taken in sequence that then played forwards and backwards to create a looping video-type experience.

I live outside of Sydney’s CBD can I still hire Sydney GIF Booth?

Most of our packages are tailored to the needs of our client. We typically charge the cost price of our booth attendant driving to and from your location in order to set up the GIF booth. But out prices are inclusive of CBD locations.

What space do you need for the GIF photo booth?

Typically we can set up within a 2x3m space.

What would deem a location or venue not suitable for the photobooth?

Because of the light, setting it up facing a glass backdrop is not ideal (reflecting the light back at the camera). Out in the weather, in case of rain. And major thoroughfares, because of the risk of tripping or falling onto the photo-booth station.

Is that what is considered an ‘open air photo booth’?

Yes. This is an open air booth because it differs greatly from the older style ‘curtain and enclosed box’ type photobooths that can be hired in Sydney and elsewhere.

We have an event that is spanning multiple capital cities. Can you do this?

If your event is in Sydney, Brisbane and/or Melbourne please get in touch via our contact page: we have booths running in these cities.

I want to pitch this to my boss. Do you have something that I can show them?

Yes, just visit our corporate page ( /corporate) and access our ‘GIF Booth pricing PDF’ via our packages/pricing buttons.