With a background in both events and marketing, we know exactly what you are looking for in this social marketing tool. From the first point of contact to post-event engagement, SGB is a simple and effective way to help you achieve your KPIs.

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So you have a big event coming up and you need an activation that’s modern, engaging and a bit different?

Sydney GIF Booth has worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia, delivering social media amplification, brand/event exposure and via something fun that guests actually enjoy using.

How does Sydney GIF/Photo Booth hire work?

Unlike other photo booth hire where the action is printed on little pieces of card, your guest’s photos and GIFs (boomerangs) are instantly sent to their phone for them to save or upload to social at the touch of a button. Sydney GIF Booth is a fully automated and digitally optimised photobooth hire.

What’s the difference between GIF booth hire and photo booth hire?

Older style photo-booth hire consisted of just that, the opportunity to take 4x photos and to print them out. Sydney GIF Booth hire provides guests the option of taking a branded still photo (with your corporate watermark) or a branded GIF (aka boomerang). Either is sent to the guest’s mobile instantly via text. Most choose to do both and because our photo booth hire doesn’t rely on any actual film or ink, we can take hundreds of each per night.

Does the hire produce GIFs that are just four photos one after the other?

Most other GIF booths can only do the older style 3…2…1… photo, 3…2…1… photo etc. producing 4x photos with one of them inevitable blurry. Sydney GIF Booth hire originally offered this style alongside our current boomerang type GIFs, and the message was loud and clear; no one liked the type that most other booths are offering. Everyone loves the boomerang. Our GIF/photo booth hire now consists of the option for photos and/or boomerangs (because they are more fluid and more fun).

What will we get with the corporate GIF/Photo booth hire package?

Our package is based on what has been demonstrated to be the most popular and necessary aspects identified through the many corporate events that we have done. Corporates typically want an open-air photo booth that is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, fast and modern and that can be customised to their event/brand specs. It is worth mentioning that our corporate photobooth hire package includes an attendant for the entire duration and that there are no hidden extras. Check out the corporate photo/GIF Booth package by clicking on the ‘download packages’ button.

How will we know that the photo booth hire has delivered positive ROI?

We provide analytics regarding the photo booths level of engagement, including number of downloaded photos and GIFs, how many were shared on social and on what platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.). But any marketing person (and you probably are one) recognises that ROI is very difficult to measure, and perhaps you just want something that looks cool to engage people and associate your brand and event with. Sydney GIF/Photo Booth has complimented many modern corporate functions.