Your wedding is undeniably the most important day of your life, so why not make it as perfect as possible? SGB was created to meet the demand of couples wanting a booth that is beautiful, easy to use and entertaining.

A favourite with Sydney wedding planners,  SGB is recommended for couples who are seeking a point of difference.

Older style 'photo booths' are being phased-out as they can be seen as tacky and outdated. Most brides are wanting their wedding reception to be described as unique, fun and beautiful. The right booth can really help.

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You have put so much time and energy into creating the perfect aesthetic and vibe for your wedding and your reception. The way that you capture those memories really does matter.

The older style photo booth hire was never suited to weddings in the first place: bright red curtained box in the corner with tacky wigs and glasses that were used the night before at an 18th birthday party!? Hmm maybe not.
What about something that is not only from this decade but is so modern that when people hear the attendant say “I’ll text this to you, yeah right now, what is your number? And click right there to share it on your social” – Everyone at very least exclaims “Wow, that is pretty cool actually!” And it is, plus it looks good. Sydney GIF/Photo Booth was designed with your wedding in mind.

What are the main differences between a GIF Booth hire and photo booth hire?

There are many differences. The main ones are around our look, the customisability and what our photo booth produces. The Look – As you can see from the pictures we are an open-photo booth hire, meaning that it isn’t a curtained box in the corner, and people can see other people using it and having fun doing so. Often causing a line to form. The Customisability – This is detailed below, but our photo booth allows complete customisability, from the text to the frame on each photo or GIF. What We Produce – The older style photobooth hire produced photo-strips while we allow photos or boomerangs, text to peoples phones, either saved or uploaded to social media.

How will the photo booth hire be customised to our wedding?

Sydney GIF/Photo Booth hire will work with you to customise the photobooth hire to your wedding aesthetic in the following ways: the ipad screen, the text message wording, the landing page where people view their photo or GIF, and the frame itself. Sydney GIF Booth will work with you to customise all of this, and we will make it super easy.

What is included in a typical Wedding photo booth hire?

Sydney GIF Booth hire includes everything that we have found to be the most necessary and popular for wedding needs. In addition to the actual photo booth itself (inc. tripod, ipad and model ring light), you get tasteful props (no tacky wigs in sight), customised photo/GIF frame and your very own attendant throughout your hire.

How will older people go with using the photo booth hire?

We had similar concerns initially, but we have been surprised to see just how many older people come up to have a play and how they stay. Maybe it’s the booze, but most oldies are very amused at the capabilities of the photobooth. They particularly enjoying producing their own GIFs (boomerangs) and laughing at what they produce. Do they have a smart phone or social media? No. But that doesn’t stop them from enjoying making a GIF or two.

What happens to the GIFs and photos once the hire is over?

Your guests will have access to the ones that they have saved to their phones or shared on social media. But you will get an email from Sydney GIF Booth the day after your wedding hire with ALL the photos and GIFs attached. As you know, boomerangs are great for capturing shenanigans, so couples feed back that they enjoy a good laugh when looking back through all of the photos and GIFs captured.